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eXtra Buttons will show additional buttons in every window
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One of the first things you learn when you begin to use Windows is that there are three buttons at the upper right corner of almost every window. These buttons will let you do basic operations on the window’s appearance: minimizing, maximizing, closing and restoring. However, once you learn to use the operating system better, you might sometimes wish there were more buttons.
eXtra Buttons will show additional buttons in every window, and, consequently, you will be able to perform more actions from there. The application is very easy to use as it will show only three extra buttons by default, ready to use. These buttons are Always on Top (which will make the active window stay on the foreground), Minimize to the System Tray (which will let you hide windows in the System Tray and save space in your Task Bar) and Add Bookmark (which will make the active window readily accessible from this same button).
Nevertheless, configuring the application may be a little trickier, though not very difficult. Just access the options by clicking on its icon in the System Tray. This way, you will be able to add other buttons to the already visible ones and arrange them in order or groups.
Around 13 buttons that perform different actions are available. Apart from the operations mentioned above, they will let you send the window to the background, roll up the window, adjust transparency, click through a window, move to monitor, copy window and more. Some of these features are rarely available in other applications. For instance, clicking through a window makes it transparent not only visually but for the mouse as well. This means that you can keep the window in the forefront and still reach a window that is in a lower layer with your mouse. Also interesting, moving to monitor will let you move a window to another screen when you are using several monitors. Finally, copying a window means that you can start an instance of the application in another window.
In general, this application will allow optimizing your workspace by providing easily available operations on the active window.

Pedro Castro
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